Monday, November 3, 2008

Golden Apple Hosts an IGN Gears of War Party Featuring Dom (Carlos Ferro) and the Nerdcore Girls

What did you do for Halloween? If you came out to Golden Apple you got to meet two of the sexy 2009 Nerdcore Models, Carlos Ferro (who voices Dom in GOW), and plenty of other awesomely costumed peoples.

The event kicked off at 7pm and went well past closing time. People dressed up (everyone who came, you looked amazing), played Gears of War drank lots of booze, and partied til the lights went out. There was a costume contest and some sweet prizes were handed out.

IGN, Dom, and Nerdcore all brought great handouts and we still have a few of them as well if you wanted to head down to our store and snag a few.

We still have the 5-pack of toys that we featured for the signing, they include all four of the main characters and a Locust torque bow-er. Click on this link if you wanna see all the pics from the night and believe me they are some sexy pictures.

Also if you missed seeing the Nerdcore girls here don't fret, they will be back on November 20th for their calendar release and they will be in greater numbers (watch out single guys).

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sooooooo hott!!