Monday, November 3, 2008

Milo Ventimiglia and Tim Sale Signing a HUGE success!!!

The line for the New REST comic started at around noon, and was a couple blocks long by the time Milo and Tim showed up. Milo showed up and walked the line greeting his fans. Then continued to sign for a looong time.

If you ended up missing the event and wanted to get something signed we still have a few REST comics available that we got signed, you can walk in to get them from our store, or buy them online at OUR ONLINE SHOP!!! We also have a few of the new Heroes EXCLUSIVE Comics in our store and online!

We thank everyone who showed up to the event and we hope you come out for our next few events (James Jean Fables covers event, Nerdcore 2009 Calendar Release party, The Michael Turner Tribute, and The Umbrella Academy Book with Gerard Way)

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