Friday, July 3, 2009


1) Marvel Divas ­ 1 of 4

Hot guys, Martinis, confident and powerful chicks...loved this book right away! The whole thing feels very sex in the city (which I'm not capitalizingon purpose- cause it seems like there's lots of sex in Marvel Divas take on NYC), but its definitely written for the Sex in the City set, so guysbeware, this is about female bonding. Girls, pick this one up, but get setfor a pretty heavy and unexpected plot twist at the end. I¹m not sayingtheir decision to inject some real world health problems couldn¹t work, butin Marvel Divas, it took me out of the joy of this new series. I¹m all aboutcreative ways to confront real life problems, but this book was, up untilthe end, a great escape.

Dark Flaxen says... Inspired presentation of strong female leads in a comic, especially with lines like, "Men, why do they always ruin things by talking??", but damn if this book doesn't blind side you with a serious andsomewhat disturbing ending.

2) Greek Street -
If you're into disjointed stories about dead strippers, incest and zombies, great series for you. In all fairness, it does keep you reading, it does accomplish its goal of being disturbing, and it is very cool storytelling. Still though, I searched the internet for stats on stripper-murders and could only find three reported cases in the last twenty years.

Dark Flaxen says... I mean, sure, if you think there's not enough disturbing things in the real world, go ahead and pick up Greek Street.

3)Captain America Reborn #1

You had me at "hello". That Alex Ross imagining of you on thecover is just spectacular. The idea of an inspired interaction on thecredits page is brilliant. The actual art- while compelling- didn¹t seem upto par with everything else going on (presentation, style, vibe, pacing- allperfect).

Dark Flaxen says... It¹s about damn time. Welcome in the era of a true American hero.

4) Witchfinder 1 of 5

On the heels of the disaster that was the last Hellboy movie, it is a sweetreward that Dark Horse is finding new ways to share the great and in-depthworld of Hellboy through Witchfinder. The art set a cozy and familiar tone, allowing me to get right into the setting and time period and be open to allthe cool ideas this book introduces and reintroduces. I don¹t have a lot tosay here, not because there aren¹t things to talk about that this book doeswell, but because there¹s nothing all that new. It¹s just good and familiar.Kind of like seeing an old friend.

Dark Flaxen says... If you hated the last Hellboy, prepare to fall back inlove with the world its set in.

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