Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Dark X-Men 1 of 3

Dark Flaxen smells a trend... What's next, Dark Smurfs!??? Ok, Marvel, we've established my love hate relationship with the X-men, and while I don't lookforward to every time you milk this franchise, I'm actually looking forward to the rest of this series. Art work wise, nothing special, but the choice of breaking this first issue into three separate stories, is cool. First one drew me in right away. It was like I walked into a conversation that had been going on for a while, which is a smart start, and following that with afull blown shot of Namor, au-natural, was a very nice surprise (Marvel, havethe guts to lose the steam next time you do a shower scene!). Story one isall about inner conflicts, which I liked.

The second story, Mimic, rocked.

The third story, Dark Beast, is just not for me all together. Nothing I could relate to, and I'm not into the whole human-animal thing. I get tocaught up in the actualities of that concept- like how do they deal with theday to day activities of being alive. I shouldn't be thinking about thatwhile reading a comic book, which tells me I'm just not that into it.

Dark Flaxen says... Fine, Marvel, you got me interested in yet another X-Men story, but focus on the human conflict. That part is interesting

North 40 #I wish this book had focused on the secondary character, Robert, I liked him from the moment I saw him on the cover of Wildstorms, North 40. The art workis a real draw to this, but the story is strong as well. I don't mind thatits a bit hard to follow, and I kind of like the whole free-wheeling disjointed nature of it. It felt real to me at times, and since its a creepystory, I was sufficiently tense and uncomfortable throughout the entireread.

Dark Flaxen says... Hicks, Red Necks and super powers. Sounds good to me!

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