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DARK FLAXEN Reviews!!!

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1) Pride and Prejudice- Issue #1 of 5

When I first heard Marvel Comics was taking on Jane Austin's, "Pride and Prejudice", I thought, now that¹s an odd choice. I mean, there's militia in the classic tale, but it's pretty much Gossip Girl set in 19th Century England. When you see the cover they created for the first issue, you get
that Marvel got that concept too, because its¹ laid out like the cover of a teen girl magazine, enticing a passerby with promises of gossip, fashion, personal advice, and lots of boys. Thankfully, the team at Marvel got their kicks out on the cover, cause the first issue is totally respectful of the original story.

This comic adaptation of Pride and Prejudice honors Austin with not only a well thought out, well written and well paced version, but Marvel's color choice ­ a wash of rich amber tones and warm Fall colors- sets the right mood from page one. I also commend the team on capturing the subtlety of the original- which I suspect was not easy to pull off in panel form.

Dark Flaxen says- Make yourself a nice hot cup of tea and settle in with Marvel Comics, Pride and Prejudice.

2) Mouse Guard: Winter 1152- #6

I've begun reading David Peterson¹s series, Mouse Guard: Winter 1152, six issues in to what is obviously a very compelling, complex and deep story. With my only experience in the realm of talking mice being those Stuart Little and Fievel Pictures, I was expecting adventure, but nothing could have prepared me for the rush I felt when the brave Redfur took on a giant owl with what looked like a plastic swizzle stick or the sadness I felt at some mouse named Lieam¹s untimely passing in a barren snow covered meadow. The story instantly draws you in.

This tale seems epic, dimmed a bit by Peterson¹s art, which I¹m sorry to say, should have been done by someone who could match Peterson's brilliant storytelling. But, the he¹s included rabbits that talk with British accents and some pretty heavy themes, so the whole thing works for me.

Dark Flaxen says- Seems like a great story, and if you're down with the actual writings of JRR Tolkien and you got a thing for mice, this is the perfect series for you!

3) Ignition City #3

Ok, I have no idea what the hell is going on in this story, but I freak'n love it! The art, the tough sexy chicks, the tension, the blatant homage¹s to everything from Rocketeer to the Iron Giant- Warren Ellis¹ Ignition City has me completely enthralled. It's the borrows from the a ton of other stories, but it does so with it¹s own style.

Dark Flaxen says- Get it for the purty pictures, stay for the action.

4) Runaways #10

Runaways tries way way way to hard. Period.

Dark Flaxen says- If you're an LA hipster wanting to find a comic book with insider references, enjoy this disjointed offensive offering from Marvel. If you think Runaways is a good addition to your X-Men library, it's not.

-June 3, 2009

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