Wednesday, June 10, 2009


1) Red Robin #1

I can't believe I'm going to say this, but, it's me, Dark Flaxen, so, what the Hell... I'm tired of Batman. I don't want to keep seeing it being reborn, or redone. It's boring. Red Robin is cool, don't get me wrong, but why? Why do we need another take on the Dark Knight? I don't get it. The last movie was depressing, and despite a face lift, there's still nothing new with this franchise. DC, you've got so much power, so many creators, so many cool concepts - put your energy into new stuff.

Dark Flaxen says: Come on DC!

2) Anna Mercury 2 Issue #1

Geeeeezzzz!!! Anna Mercury 2 RULES! The thing starts out with a free fall that you will not forget - total rush! I love her. The story telling is really fresh, and when you get to the twist, you'll be genuinely surprised. I'm with you Avatar, keep it up!

Dark Flaxen says: A resounding YES to Anna Mercury 2. Total breath of freshair. Whew!

3) Trinity #1

First, love the nod to Vallejo from cover artist, Stjepan Sejic, which setthe perfect stage for the awesome start of Top Cow's, Trinity, Blood on theSands. I love books like this one, that, despite the complexity of thesubject matter, kick off the story in a clear and concise way. Plus, how can you not love a book whose dialog launches with, You smell like camel dung²and that offers a wicked be heading three panels in! Trinity has witches too,which is always good, and lots of cool magic and magical accoutrements.

Dark Flaxen says: Kind of a chick-comic, but still kick's ass.

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