Friday, June 26, 2009


1) Berserker #1 Hmmm. Hmmmm. Scared. That’s the word. I was scared, andslightly freaked out by this book. Especially the end. Do not flip to it. Justread the whole thing. Not in the dark though, and definitely don’t grab aflashlight and slip under the covers and read this. Definitely don’t do that.Unless of course, you like to be freaked out, then by all means. Read thisunder the covers. Freak out, then think of me.

Dark Flaxen says… yes to Berserker.
2) Gotham City Sirens #1

In one of my previous reviews, I bashed the “Bat”. While I still feel confident that DC must get a million new and brilliant ideas for original stories every day more compelling then the constant rehashing of the
same Bat-plot, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed, Gotham City Sirens #1. Not only does the team behind this new series successfully bring in elements from all of the Batman incarnations and make them feel fresh, but they present the ‘Sirens’ of Gotham (Cat Woman, Poison Ivy and Harlequin) in one of the most respectful ways I’ve ever seen women be portrayed in super hero comics. These gals are smart, sexy, strong and kick ass. The only buzz kill is on the very last page, which is disappointing, cause other wise I would have given this book my highest recommendation.

Dark Flaxen says… Grrrrrrrlllll Power!

3) Predator #1

I really don’t get the whole Predator thing. I know that I’m not a twelve year old boy, but still- lame. The ironic thing is, Dark Horse’s new take on the franchise is actually really good, and would have definitely gotten the thumbs up from this girl, if only they’d not wasted frames on these stupid outdated action figures that were never that compelling to begin with. The art, flow and pacing reminded my of the hours I lost (and loved) in the world of Resident Evil 5 (PS3), and every character in the book, save for the Predators, works.

Dark Flaxen says… skip pages 6-7, 18, 22-23, and this is worth picking up.

4) Dark Wolverine #1

Damn! I guess I need to eat my words again! A few reviews back I condemned the entire world of X-Men, and now Marvel puts out Dark Wolverine, which is a terrific book, and yes, Marvel, I appreciate the obvious nod to me, Dark Flaxen. Wolverine’s son is all macho-bad-ass-rebel-gooey-sexiness and this first book sets the stage for a compelling and complex character whose set to rock my world.

Dark Flaxen says… The chip off the old blade is as bad as he should be, and that is just fine by me. Varrrroooom!

5) Starcraft #2

I mean, maybe if I was into the Blizzard game series, Starcraft, this would work for me, but I’mnot, and I’m assuming if you’re not, this isn’t the way to get into this world. It feels dated, I’m a little sick of being thrown into space battles with people I don’t care about, and I kind of take offense to the chick on the cover with the big boobs. Plus, it’s a lot of dialog to cram into your head for no pay off.

Dark Flaxen says… A must if you’re into the game.

6) Lethal Legion 1 of 3

Yes. Yes, I like this. Feels good. Good start, good characters, funny, sad at points, touching even. The man-shark was even a sympathetic character. Good ending. Want more. Nuff said.

Dark Flaxen says… Yes. Buy this book. Get into it. Only three issues. Worth the read.

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