Thursday, June 18, 2009

DARK FLAXEN SAYS....more kick-ass reviews from the Golden Princess

1) Executive Assistant Iris #1 - Top Cow Productions

It took some effort for me to open this book Œcause... THE CHICK ON THE FRONT IS SO FREAK¹N HOT. Like Megan Fox meets Olivia Munn hot. Damn. All
tattooed and pantied up and stroking her bushido. Damn damn. The first page doesn¹t disappoint and draws you right in. The entire thing is extremely well done. Amazing pacing, great story, great characters, and plenty of Iris kicking ass.

Dark Flaxen says... Make this thing into a movie- NOW!

2) Herogasm #2 - Dynomite Entertainment

Gross, nasty, depraved, deviant, dumb... and the most fun I've had reading a book in a long time. It's laugh out loud funny. The Tick funny, if the Tick liked getting his rocks off between fights.

Dark Flaxen says... Yes, yes, yes, that's it, yes, yes... Read Herogasm. Join the Revolution.

3) Mr. Negative #1 - Marvel Comics

The cover art on Mr. Negative is really intricate and clearly very meaningful to the folks behind issue #1- which should tip you off that your in for a shit load of detail, and this book doe not disappoint. However, I'm not really a detail oriented gal, so it kind of bored me and lost me a few pages in.

Dark Flaxen says... Not my thing, but If you¹ve got tons of time on your hands, and the desire to fill your brain with information you'll never apply in the real world, this one's for you.

Dead @ 17 Afterbirth #1 - Image Comics

I'm normally not a big fan of CG art in comic books, but something about Dead @ 17 look worked for me. Love the sassy attitude, the clothing, and the lead chicks kinda rule. The pacing's off and the dialog gets wordy, which took me out of the story from time to time.

Dark Flaxen says... Chick comic, but good chick comic.

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